Jill Robin Payne

Focusing on the positives doesn’t mean ignoring the negatives. It means when negative issues arise work on them, or with them putting more emphasis on the positives in your life. For instance if you lost a job, focus on solutions, and the help you are receiving from others. Remember this situation is temporary. 

Recently someone posted a saying, “If you want the Rainbow you gotta put up with the Rain.” This reminds us that when things are getting us down there is “hope” that things/issues will get better. This is difficult for people to see when they are caught in a whirlwind of negativity.

With the world being inundated with media, violence, and negative comments (on the internet or in person) it sometimes clouds our vision of what really matters to us. A very famous and important figure in the world once said,” Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.” This is something to think about when we start to judge people and post or say “critical comments” about them.   

Verbiage causes scars. Monica Lewinsky was caught up in a scandal and has written about having PTSD from the incident. I’m sure you all remember her and President Clinton. Think about it. Every time she speaks, or meets someone how do you think she feels? She will be talking to us about it in May in Galveston to help others who have made some compromising decisions in their lives or put there foot in their mouth or just plain have been caught up in this world of “negativity.” 


So the next time someone on Facebook or in life makes a “cutting remark,” take that time to be mindful about them and yourself and realize that life is “perceptions.” Work at being the best you can be, watch your boundaries, realize we can’t please everyone and recognize when we have hurt someone in our lives. “Bempathize®”- be empathetic when involved with discussions. Realize that there is not one side to every story, not even two there are at least 3.

Someone once said to me, “There are three sides to a coin not two.” Something to think about. Focus on something in your life that “IS” working for you. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and need to focus on humor such as the picture above.