Jill Robin Payne

“How’s that feel? It’s not fun, is it?”

MORAL 4: There are consequences to people’s actions.

Moral 5: There are Consequences to people’s actions

Without revealing too much of the plot, there’s a moment in the movie where Ken reaches his breaking point, and Barbie finds herself in a situation similar to what Ken has endured for a while. He gazes at her, his emotions overflowing, and highlights the discomfort of her current experience. The anger, sadness, and despair that drive Ken to utter these words to Barbie, “How’s that feel? It’s not fun is it?” which serve as a stark warning to anyone who is disrespectful to others. The phrase, “How’s that feel? It’s not fun is it?”, gets Barbie to stop, look, listen and most importantly think about the situation and empathize. The message is clear: There are consequences to people’s actions and that everything including life is temporary. He who holds power needs to have compassion and empathy for others because you never know what the future holds. Remember the next time you say or do something that there are consequences to people’s actions.

Bempathy® Tip: Empathize with others, increasing compassion, this creates a respectful environment. Therefore making the consequense to peoples reaction positive and benificial.