Barbie Movie Morals Part 3: We Need To Be Empathetic Toward All

“The Real World Is Forever And Irrevocably Messed Up.” MORAL 3: We Need To Be Empathetic Toward All Moral 3: We Need To Be Empathetic Toward All As Barbie ventures into the real world, she realized that we need to be empathetic toward all.  We witness her profound shock and disbelief at the rudeness and […]

Barbie Movie Morals Part 2: Don’t Let Other People Define You

Barbie Movie Morals Part 2: Don't Let Other People Define You

“Barbie has a great day every day, but Ken only has a great day if Barbie looks at him.” Moral 2: Don’t Let Other People Define You In the movie, one of the most impactful morals is “don’t let other people define you!”  Surprisingly it stems from Ken, of all characters. In our society, many […]

Barbie Movie Morals Part 1: Be The Change

Barbie Movie Morals Part 1: BE THE CHANGE

“I want to be a part of the people that make meaning, not the thing that is made.”  Moral 1: Be The Change In the movie, Barbie felt unsure about herself and her perfect life when she experienced the real world. So, at the end of the movie, she made a big decision to be […]

To Everyone Who Has Loved and Lost

To everyone who has loved and lost

Above is a picture of my dear beloved Magic on May 5th.  As I was making my bed that day he lay in my clump of covers, finding his safe spot as he always did. He loved to cuddle, be rocked and of course sung to.  His favorite songs were “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and […]

How to Control Our Use of Technology in Our Obsessed World

Sensory overload, lack of healing sleep, overactive nervous system.  Does this sound like someone you know? Our Media, technology, screen time is driven by our teachers, parents, communities and media which govern all of us.  Or do they? Urie Bronfenbrenner, a famous American Developmental Psychologist, wondered how come children were different in different societies.  He […]

Focus on “What’s Working for You.”

Focusing on the positives doesn’t mean ignoring the negatives. It means when negative issues arise work on them, or with them putting more emphasis on the positives in your life. For instance if you lost a job, focus on solutions, and the help you are receiving from others. Remember this situation is temporary.  Recently someone posted a saying, […]