Jill Robin Payne

Above is a picture of my dear beloved Magic on May 5th.  As I was making my bed that day he lay in my clump of covers, finding his safe spot as he always did. He loved to cuddle, be rocked and of course sung to.  His favorite songs were “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “It’s the Last Song I’ll ever write for you.”

When feeding time came, Magic made sure I knew – meowing and nudging me.  He competed with his arch nemesis, Hershey the dog. Every time one got a treat the other had to have one too.  Well that would seem right since Magic was the head of the house hold being 16 years old and all.

Magic loved to snuggle with Misty his pal and play like all other cats do, running after laser lights, string, and of course Hershey the dog.  Magic’s many escapes to the outside world, with me searching the grounds and shaking his cat food while yelling his name so all my neighbors heard me but not him.

Today May 14, 2018, my little angel had to be put to sleep to move on to a better place.  My heart breaks because Magic did not want to leave me. I know this because she followed me everywhere, even today when she could barely walk and was in pain, she made it into my bed for one last time.  In my heart I knew today was the day and went to see the doctor that loved her, Dr. Bernadett Guiguis. That was important to me since every time she went to the other vets she would snap at them.

The whole thing was so surreal, as she was put to sleep, myself crying with my husband by my side it felt dream like.  How could 16 years have passed? How could my little Magic be leaving me? Then I thought, this is life, we love, we live, we let go.  Time passes and we must go with the flow and accept that time passes and enjoy each moment knowing that that second will never come again.

Dear sweet Magic, may you rest in peace and remember we will all meet again in a better place.

Thanks for the times we had together.