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Looking thru Children's Eyes to Simplify Communication.

Bempathy® is a unique approach to communication and social skills, combining banter with empathy to build and maintain harmonious relationships, both in private and social interactions. Turn your negatives into positives or make the positives even better with this new take on reciprocal communication. Have fun following our three delightful cartoon characters through life’s trials and tribulations.

A book for all ages!

Book Cover for Bempathy: Looking thru children's eyes to simplify communication by Jill Robin Payne

Meeting People: It’s Not a Game: Your Path to Genuine Connections thru Bempathy®

LISTEN. LAUGH. LOVE. Are you seeking a friend, partner, or love? Whether you are single, divorced, or widowed, if you are ready to seek meaningful relationships, this book will teach you how to:

  • Set healthy boundaries and expectations
  • Feature your strengths
  • Become more approachable
  • Avoid common pitfalls of dating
  • Trust your gut
  • Keep the sizzle going

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What People Are Saying About Bempathy®

This book takes very complex situations and breaks them down in easy to understand terms. Being a human is hard and it’s important to remember how to deal with conflict and communication. I highly recommend this book for everyone!


Bempathy is an enlightening read that is short, sweet, timely, and important. I especially liked how relatable the three adorable animated characters were and how easily it was to understand how to turn your life situations into when / win. I would highly recommend this fun educational book for all ages.

-Cindy B.

I really enjoyed reading this book and the tools that are now in my toolbox when dealing with conflict in my daily life. My 12 year old son even enjoyed the book, Bow being his favorite character. Good short read.


I really enjoyed reading this book. This lightweight book is packed with information, yet it is very easy to read and understand. I loved the characters. I plan on buying a couple of copies this year, as birthdays come around!


A great book on communication and changing your perspective.

-Christopher S.

This is a great and easy read for people of all ages. It deals with communication skills between adults and children. Very insightful! Highly recommended

-Danielle N.

"Short, sweet, timely and important...with all the planets in alignment, it could reach the stars."

-Peter from Federal News Network 

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