Jill Robin Payne

Barbie has a great day every day, but Ken only has a great day if Barbie looks at him.”

Moral 2: Don’t Let Other People Define You

In the movie, one of the most impactful morals is “don’t let other people define you!”  Surprisingly it stems from Ken, of all characters. In our society, many women still receive the message that their fulfillment depends on finding their Prince Charming. Men are expected to gaze upon them, adore them, and authenticate their existence with their constant attention. However, in the world of Barbieland, this dynamic is completely reversed. Ken, along with all the other Kens, exist solely for Barbie, and their dependence on her gave her the power to make their day great.  Instead of having their own power to make their world what they want.  In other words, a word to Ken would be, “Ken, you don’t need Barbie to achieve complete self-realization.” Gerwig clearly intends to convey the same message to women, and her approach is effective. Throughout the film, Ken serves as a reminder that true love and fulfillment can only be found once we discover our own selves and feel complete within ourselves.  No one completes us like in the movie Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise says, “You complete me!”  Ugggg! No one completes us. Something important to remember especially when we get into a relationship.  Don’t let other people define you!

Bempathy® Tip: One of the 6 C’s in Bempathy® is to “Connect”: We need to connect with ourselves before we can connect to others.