• Ms. Jill was always kind and understanding, and then suggested an alternate method of thinking, that allows you to move forward, content and happy. She is my unbiased friend, who gave me the courage to stand up for myself, and value my opinion and feelings in my relationships. 3 years later, now happily married, I still ask myself, “what would Ms. Jill suggest I do?” I would not be where I am now without her.


  • Jill has helped me change my attitude and therefore my life.  I am grateful for her wisdom and suggestions that have helped me improve in so many of my relationships.  I look forward to my visits with her always.   Since starting with Jill I have met and married the love of my life.  I even bought her book, “Meeting People; It’s Not A Game” to give to a friend.


  • Concerning Jill’s book, “Meeting People, It’s Not A Game;” we used it as guide lines during our weekly group meetings.  After 2 failed marriages, I had given up on dating and finding the love of my life to grow old with.  I would tell Jill that it would never happen and frankly I didn’t feel I deserved a good man.  She would tell me that I did deserve a good man.  To write down all that I was looking for in him.  We met weekly with her group and got the courage to step out in faith.  We worked on dressing to attract men, proper language skills and boundaries.  I’m happy to say I met an amazing man at the end of my 6 months.  We are planning marriage in the future.  I’m thankful for Jill, her expertise and encouragement.


  • Jill’s book “Meeting People, It’s Not A Game,” changed my life. Jill Payne has been extremely helpful to me for navigating through the complexities of dating and the challenges of making a relationship work. Her positive style has enhanced my confidence and her practical advice is easy to follow and just makes sense. After many years of picking the wrong men, I recently got married for the first time to a man that is just right for me. As a couple in our 40’s, we brought our fair share of baggage into the relationship, so there have been bumps in the road, but Jill has helped me realize we can work through our issues and have a loving, happy relationship. I highly recommend Jill for help with dating and relationships.  


  • Before attending Jill’s seminar “Meeting People, It’s Not A Game,” my thought process was, “I work too hard and I’m too busy to meet anyone.” Now after the seminar, I have the confidence in myself to put myself out there and to be a magnet to attract healthy women. I also learned how to conduct myself to let women know I am interested (the look, the hip move, dress, etc). I learned not to “drill” them with questions about their past, right off the bat.  Still keep my identity. Not to suffocate them with phone calls, texting or dropping by unannounced. Most of all, to believe that God has someone perfect for me and it will happen in due time.


  • I have known Jill Robin Payne for over 10 years. During that time, I have faced many challenges in my life, particularly in the dating world. Jill was always my first source of advice as her insights and recommendations would prove to be right on target. Jill gives very wise counsel and does it with humor and grace. I am now happily married.


  • Jill Robin Payne shines light on my blind spots! She’s helped me to better understand women and develop a much greater sense of self-awareness. By listening to my needs and problems she figured out what’s been holding me back, and what I need to change to move forward without obstacles. Her dating advice was not only practical and fun, but gave me a greater power and control over my love life. Personal matters deserve personal attention and Jill helped me to get the love I wanted.


  • Coming out of a fourteen year marriage was devastating. Dating was an unknown and the thought of handling another relationship was difficult to even think about. I wasn’t seeing the whole picture of the dating scene because my self-esteem with men was low. Jill Robin Payne helped me to see the “ins and outs” of dating by helping me to step back and see the patterns of my behavior. Jill Payne was a “life saver” and I now am married to a wonderful man.


  • Jill is not only an amazingly positive therapist, she is a relationship guru.  I first came to Jill to learn about how to handle job stress.  I saw her weekly for quite some time and enjoyed the time I spent talking with her.  As time went on, I started to see her less and less as my situation got better.  I was in a relationship when I first started seeing Jill but never really sought out much advice in that area of my life.  We broke up and a few months later I found myself in another relationship and things seemed to be going very well.  But again, as all my relationships seemed to go.  It lasted 3 months and he was gone, leaving me wondering what went wrong.  I was very upset over this breakup and had to make an appointment with Jill to get myself back in check.  Why wasn’t I making appointments with her and checking in throughout the relationship?  Why did I wait until it was unfixable to ask for help?  Jill told me she would be my life-coach, my relationship coach, and help me understand how to find the guy that is perfect for me and how to keep him.

    We worked together and 3 months later, I was in a relationship.  I saw Jill several times during the first month or two of the relationship to make sure it was starting on the right foot and about quarterly since then.  There have been ups and downs in the relationship, as is expected in any relationship, but the difference now is that we have Jill to help us through the hard times.  When we have an issue, we make an appointment and over time our relationship has grown stronger because we have learned how to communicate with each other in an effective way and have gained a great understanding of what makes a relationship successful.  We look forward to being engaged soon (he asked me to pick out the rings!!!) and will be moving in together.  If Jill had not been there to be my relationship guru, we would have broken up long ago.  Finally, at 33 years old, and after a lot of failed relationships and drama, I have found my guy! Thank you Jill


  • As a recently divorced woman Jill has helped me to become more aware of my previous habits and patterns that have prevented me from having a loving relationship. Jill has given me a special list guiding me to change my boundaries to become stronger and more defined. I highly recommend Jill for any single or divorced person looking for advice or direction in their relationships.


  • Like so many couples today attempting to blend their families when entering into serious relationship or marriage, I too found myself in this situation when I met my “One True Love.” This was the second time around. Between the two of us, we had 3 children, ages 17, 16 and 15. To put it mildly, they weren’t excited about our relationship and potential marriage, so I turned to Jill Payne for help. Jill had become an invaluable professional resource to me over the years and I knew she could direct us. She listened to all our issues surrounding our children and helped us to resolve the issues. We have now been married for 10 years! My thanks to Jill for all she has done for me professionally over the last several years. She not only possesses the knowledge to make the right decisions on her patient’s behalf, but her compassion and dedication is unparalleled. I would feel totally comfortable referring anyone with relationship problems to Jill Robin Payne.



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