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Relationship success begins today. Begin feeling empowered by learning the “Footsteps to Healthy Relationships.”

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified and Certified Relationship Specialist my goals our:

  • To support you in a nonjudgmental way.
  • Guide you past obstacles that keep you from living your life to its fullest potential.
  • Utilize various therapeutic techniques.
  • Unlock past patterns.
  • Remove negative perceptions that may be preventing you from enjoying your life.

Whether you are currently in a stressful situation or just not sure of which path to choose, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

If you are a new patient, you can download your new patient forms HERE or on the Contact Page.

Relationship counseling is for anyone having difficulty establishing a harmonious connection with another person or people because of communication problems, stress, anger, depression, anxiety – PTSD, eating issues, or aging.

Learn how to have healthy relationships by:

  • Increasing knowledge of new and better patterns.
  • Building confidence.
  • Building trust, safety and communication skills.
  • Create stronger connections in relationships.
  • Overcoming hurdles of single life.
  • Enhancing relationships that you already have.
  • Help bring you closer to family members.
  • Learning how to best cope with your fellow employees.
Are you feeling down, having problems controlling your fears or just wanting to be happier? For many years, my eclectic techniques have produced positive results in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.
Depression, Sad Face
Anger, Angry Person
Stress, Stressed Person
PTSD, Healing heart
Some Danger Signals Are:
•Irritability/anxiety or depression • Poor concentration/flight of thoughts • Fatigue • Impulsive behavior/emotional instability • “Keyed up” • Afraid and not knowing why • Urge to cry or run away • Easily startled by small sounds • Nightmares • Insomnia • Increase in Smoking • Alcohol and drug addiction • Increase or decrease in appetite • Increased use of legally prescribed drugs • Pain – lower back, shoulders, neck, joints and jaw • Migraine headaches • Accident Proneness • Sweating • Diarrhea • Indigestion • Queasiness • Nervous tics/trembling • Frequent need to urinate • Pounding heart • Premenstrual tension or missed menstrual cycles • Sexual problems • Nervous laughter • Bruxism (grinding teeth) • Stuttering • Dry mouth
Life Coaching
Are you feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating your life choices or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs?


Life coaching is a method of moving forward using:

• Pragmatic approaches
• Cognitive behavioral techniques
• Knowledge to create new and better patterns
• Directing
• Instructing
• Training a person to achieve some goals
• Develop specific skills


My particular style of life coaching is a nonjudgmental psycho/educational approach. Through coaching you will identify and pursue a vision of who and where you want to be, thereby overcoming the obstacles that may have kept you from reaching your true potential.

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